Welcome to our homepage, folks!

Here's our pack!

3 Golden Retrievers and a mid content wolfdog.......:o)

Before you start, view a quick slide show of our pack!

Click Here!

This site will primarily be about our animals and a little about us and our animal rescue efforts. Hope you enjoy it!

(Just click on the picture of each kid; it takes you to a whole new site about each one (yes, we love them!) ;o)

And here's the first of our four legged family members, that loving AND scrappy Golden Retreiver named Reno:

And our 2nd Golden addition, Shelby, came to live with us on September 25, 2003. Mary, operating on behalf of GRREAT, rescued her!

Our 3rd Golden addition, Rocky, became our foster on September 28, 2005, quite by accident! The transport was running late and he ended up coming home with Mary and never left. We adopted him in November 2005.

And, the "terror of the house" herself, the one & only Keona, the mid content wolfdog:

A site dedicated to our first wolfdog, Nikona. Her spirit lives forever in our hearts:

And some info about the alpha male of our pack, Ken....if you so desire to read it.

Ken's love for performance cars...

And here's our "pack hauler"!.

More to come!

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SPCA POC Spotsylvania County, VA, wolfdog rescue

Email me for: wolfdog evaluation/character assessment, wolfdog home checks for placement, and volunteer rescue transport.


Here is a link to the site of one of WRR's members, who makes a number of special items from the wolf hair that we, various rescue organizations, collect each spring when the animals shed thier winter coats. This is a must see! These items are available for sale and the money goes to rescue operations.