Nickname: "Keeks" or "Keo"

I am is my cry you hear in the night, my eyes that gaze at you from the shadows. It is my heart that beats in your soul, my strength that makes you whole. I am wolf. I am in you. You are in me. We are wolf.

This site began on January 29, 2003

NOTE: Keona lost her life to bone cancer. She passed in my arms on July 20, 2014 with assistance from our vet. Her spirit will remain with me forever There is a huge gap in my life without her.

Keona's eyes are hypnotic

Hello! My name is Keona. It's Hawaiian for "Gods Gift". My owners named me that because I was sent to them on a "special" thought (I was also born on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 2002). This "special thought" was I am following in the footsteps of my owners beloved Nikona, their first wolfdog, who passed away in June of 2002. I'm not here to "replace" Nikona for she will never be replaced; I am here to carry on the wolfdog spirit in my owners life and for them to share their love with me as I will with them.

Nikona's home page can be viewed at: NIKONA C.

(Note: The background for this web site is an image of Nikona in her final years of life....her spirit lives on.)

I carry on her spirit, the spirit of a wolfdog...its a very special relationship...that goes much deeper than that of domestic dogs.

Remember, in the words of R. Kipling:

"The strength of the pack is in the wolf...the strength of the wolf is in the pack....."

I'm a mid-content wolfdog and I came to my new owners all the way from the Southern Breeze Wolf Ranch in Florida.

The owner, Sissy, has become a good friend of my new owner, and my new owners are very proud to welcome me to their home. The owner of Southern Breeze is a very special person. She only lets her pups go to qualified owners who know and understand raising wolfdogs and has the proper containment for them....the way it should be. Some day, she's going to come to Virginia to visit me!

I'm very "wolfy" for a mid content wolfdog and everyone keeps telling me how pretty I am!!! I guess I am...I wouldn't know anything about that, though! I'm also an F3, which means I am "3rd generation removed from the wild". (Lets me get away with some wolf antics now the then...heh heh...)


And here's the link to me growing up. There are tons of pictures, the best ones of me yet!!! Click on the howling wolf image!

Click on my best buddy Reno's picture below to visit his homepage:

This is my sister, Shelby. Mom rescued her from a shelter on behalf of GRREAT. She stole Mom's heart...and one thing led to another and we adopted her! I get jealous sometimes cause she really likes Dad alot...grrrr Come see her homepage!

And here's the newest member of our pack, Rocky, he's a year older than my bud Reno...I like him alot...he likes playing with me too..and he's kind of fiesty for being a small golden retriever! Rocky is a good name for him!

Here's a short video of Reno getting his ball back from me after I stole it from's my favorite game....I let him take it, he's my buddy. Copy and paste the link below in the address bar of your browser! or watch it on Windows Media Player below that!

My alpha male, Ken, is very involved in wolfdog rescue. He is the point of contact for wolfdog rescue in a few Northern Virginia counties. He also does volunteer work for a good friend's wolfdog rescue sanctuary, the Full Moon Farm, Inc., Wolf Dog Rescue.

Click below on the box to visit Full Moon Farm, Inc.'s site:

A very special poem about wolfdog rescuers, written by a wolfdog rescuer:(click on the sleeping wolfdog)

Alpha Ken is also the President of a new organization called Wolfdog Rescue Resources, Inc.

You can visit the new website, which is still under construction, by clicking on the WRR box!:

My alpha female, Mary, is the Intake Coordinator for a Golden Retriever rescue group called GRREAT (Golden Retriever Rescue, Education, and Training).

Click below on the box to visit GRREAT's site:

July, 2003 (6 months old)

August, 2004

Sept., 2005

Nov., 2006, Keona and Rocky


Spring 2008

Be sure and check the link above "Keona growing up" to see the latest pictures of me!!!"


If you are considering getting a wolfdog, PLEASE read up thoroughly on them first. Start with the link I have provided for Full Moon Farm Sanctuary. There are quite a few sites about wolfdogs on the internet, but the majority of them do not give you totally correct information. This is one that does: